Use Cases

How our members use UAO technology and how this benefits business value



Adopt an open platform to not be locked to a single vendor

  • Portability of applications using best-in-class software components from different suppliers
  • Executing control applications and control logic consistent with Open automation standards
  • Reduce engineering & commissioning time
  • Boost innovation using proven-in-use software
  • Continuous improvement enabled by swapping out existing components with improved ones using standard interfaces
  • Using UAO runtime execution engine in Open Process Automation (OPA) test bed since 2018
  • Executing a field deployment to replace existing DCS/PLC’s with OPA based system
  • Project scope includes 800 IO points, 90+ loops, UAO runtime + OPC UA
Exxon Project



Easily expand production using modular mechanical/electrical/control components. Stay the owned of the software intellectual property and gain in flexiblity with regards to the choice of supplier.

  • Modular engineering of plant automation according to process modularity
  • Reduction of engineering costs during market scale-up
  • Improvement of TCO for automation in their plants
  • New IP protection routes for gr3n’s Reactive Units for depolymerization
  • Additional optimization by means of advanced Data Analytics
  • OT-IT integration translating into new value chain opportunities
Gr3n Project
  • Reactor unit controls designed as an intelligent vendor-independent automation object
  • Object includes not only process automation & HMI, but IT services such as Track & Trace
  • Gr3n’s proprietary process implemented in 6 functional sections (Unit – 100 to 600)
  • 40 Vessels in 4 different materials
  • 7 Heat exchangers
  • 4 Diathermic oil electrical heaters
  • Automatic Valves:
    • 73 On-Off (pneumatic and electric)
    • 6 Control Valves (pneumatic)
  • 40 Motors (28 Variable Speed Drivers)
  • 128 sensors (temperature, pressure, flow-rate, weight, level, etc.)
  • 4 Fully integrated packed units
  • About 500 I/Os
  • 9 control cabinets
  • Control Specifications designed according to ISA-88 standard
Gr3n Project