UniversalAutomation.org introduced at the CSIA

The Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) HOME – CSIA Connected Community (controlsys.org) invited UniverslaAutomation.org to present itself during a webinar.

You’ve heard about new groups popping up – like UniversalAutomation.org or the Open ‎Process Automation Forum – promoting interoperable control architecture and hardware ‎agnostic, portable, plug-and-produce solutions. Is this real? More importantly, if it is real, is ‎it a good thing? Can this self-proclaimed “next generation of automation and control” ‎actually deliver on the promises of native IT/OT integration, faster implementation and ‎vendor independence!? ‎


Join engineers from CSIA Certified member George T. Hall, the practice lead for process ‎automation from Wood, and experts from Schneider Electric for a panel discussion focused ‎on this disruptive technology. ‎

In this session, you will:‎ ‎

  • Hear the truth behind claims of portability and interoperable hardware‎ ‎
  • Learn whether these solutions really are more efficient for engineers; both yours and your ‎customers ‎
  • Discover the communities of engineers pushing these boundaries and more
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